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KONAMI Partners with KeelWorks and Signs a Publishing Deal for CYGNI: All Guns Blazing

We all have special childhood experiences that we cherish well into adulthood and often wish to recreate and re-experience out of nostalgia and passion.

One of our motivations for the development of KeelWorks’ debut title, CYGNI: All Guns Blazing, was deeply rooted in our memories of playing shmups in our youth, ever since the days of Atari and Amiga. We have always had a longing to combine our passion for gaming with our diverse professional skills and experiences to contribute to the revival of the genre and its reintroduction to broader audiences through current and next generation technology.

With that aim in mind, the founders of KeelWorks created a demo for CYGNI last year, taking a leap from their expertise in the film and animation industry and transitioning into the gaming sector. The demo caught a lot of international media attention. Its new cinematic approaches, explosive visuals, as well as other novel features brought ample interest from a number of publishers. And after extensive negotiations amid a pandemic, KeelWorks is delighted to announce that it has now partnered with Konami Digital Entertainment, an established global publisher of video games.

This partnership has enabled our budding company to expand its team, all while maintaining its identity as an indie studio; we have now fully launched a dedicated and focused approach to the development of CYGNI. As development ramps up, please be patient for future updates – we’ll share more when the time is right.


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