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Meet The Creators of Cygni and Founders of KeelWorks.

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

KeelWorks is a three person Scottish Video Game & Post Production company created by brothers Nareg and Meher Kalenderian, and Helen Saouma.

Meher Kalenderian Nareg Kalenderian Helen Saouma

Founder & CEO Founder - Game Director Founder - Creative & Art Dir.


The game has been a work of passion for the founders. Nareg and Helen, the artists and developers behind Cygni, are both highly experienced in the movie industry and have recently entered the gaming scene. Nareg has spent invaluable time at Pixar and has been a lead VFX artist on Hollywood films, and Helen has worked on feature films and television.

Meher is the project manager and CEO; he has extensive experience in Project and Grant management, including management of multi-million pound projects and funds for governments and organisations in the UK and abroad.

As production ramps up, the team will expand to fulfil the ambitions of the game.

Nareg Kalenderian - Demo Reel 2011:

Nareg Kalenderian - Demo Reel 2008:

See more of their work here

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